A big warm welcome to the new Ready blog!

Following our rebrand last year, we’re on a real drive to be much more vocal about the things we’re passionate about. We discussed a few options: creating our own TV channel, hiring Brian Blessed and equipping him with a huge megaphone, or buying a plane to fly banners over Bath with screenshots of our latest work.

Everything we came up with simply felt too tame. So we settled on the idea of a blog. Less conventional, admittedly, but more appropriate for sharing the stuff we love.

So here we are! We’ve split things up into three categories: Work, Thoughts and News. We’re excited about continually adding to all three – particularly Thoughts, where we’ll be musing about a wide range of issues that affect us and our clients’ businesses. So please do keep checking back in.

Thanks for reading – and away we go!

With love from the READY Team.