We’ve collected some of our favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns from over the past month to share with you. From fried chicken to organ donation, there sure is a lovely selection.

Jolly Ranchers

For Valentine’s, the Hershey-owned candy brand teamed up with Mary Ping, a National Design Award winner. She helped create a selection of custom-jewellery inspired by the colourful sweets.

Fans of the brand were encouraged to share their worst Valentine’s gift giving, and receiving, experiences on Twitter. 15 winners will then be selected to win one jewellery piece from the custom range. Whether it’s a green apple necklace, blue raspberry bracelet or grape earnings, the campaign is perfectly aligned with their fun and playful attitude.

Jolly Rancher Valentine's campaign jewellery                (Image: The Drum)

The promotion is also part of their wider ‘Keep on Sucking’ campaign which urges people to have fun and enjoy candy, even when life sucks. It’s a great way to tie in a wider promotion to a key-selling period. Here’s hoping we score a watermelon ring!


The popular online Indian food app has released a campaign for Valentine’s accurately named ‘My ValenDine’.

On a separate platform, users of the app can find their perfect romantic match based on order history and favourite food preferences. People log in to discover who they’ve been matched with, so no fear of unwanted messages.

Food is the way to the heart and perhaps someone who’s been ordering the same as you on a lonely Saturday night could be your soulmate! Or at least your Indian food soulmate.

Swiggy Valentine's Promotional Campaign website               (Image: The Drum)

Although this isn’t entirely focused on bringing in new customers, it definitely reminds loyal customers who has their back.

Sydney Cats & Dogs Home

The Australian charity has teamed up with female-forward dating app Bumble.

After collecting research, the app realised that 46% of women were more likely to ‘swipe right’ on people who had a pet in their pictures.

To raise money and love interest, the cats and dogs home set up a pop-up photography studio. People could go along and have a professional ‘date-bait’ picture taken with a cute rescue dog from the kennels.

Bumble App Valentine's Doggy date Campaign              (Image: Branding In Asia)

This is a great partnership with the charity as it brought in $10 for every session and gave the precious puppies the attention they deserved.

They’re also taking videos of all the doggy photo-shoots and anyone who’s lucky in love because of the pictures can come back for a champagne date at the shelter to finish their story.

We love this campaign because it lets people interact in such a great way with both brands.


Facebook has created something specifically for those who just made it ‘Facebook Official’.

The campaign is triggered when someone changes their online status to indicate a ‘romantic relationship’. Facebook then sends a Messenger notification to open a chat with the users significant other.

After that they’ll be met with a whole host of Valentine’s features. Hearts cascade across the screen, custom emoji’s are available and a prompt to set a nickname and colours for their Messenger chat both appear.

Facebook Messenger Valentine's Campaign               (Image: Adweek)

It’s a great chance for those who receive it to feel special and noticed by Facebook.


Nothing says I love you like fried chicken and KFC have cashed in on this.

The fast-food chain has been giving away fried-chicken scented Valentine’s cards featuring Colonel Sanders and four different retro designs. They each have a scratch-and-sniff feature of the iconic 11 herbs and spices that go into their fried chicken recipe.

All the cards have various puns like ‘I fell in love the moment I slaw you’ and ‘You have the secret recipe to my heart’.

KFC Valentine's Cards Campaign               (Image: Marketing Dive)

The whole campaign is to promote the two-person chicken share deal. Although KFC isn’t the first thing the comes to mind when you think of a romantic Valentine’s, it’s certainly a fun way to remind people what they really love: fried food.

Because of this it wouldn’t make sense to try and match a restaurant in romantic promotions, so KFC hit the nail on the head. It’s a fun idea for a funny concept: KFC Valentine’s.


For the special day, the custom-card company have teamed up with NHS Blood and Transplant.

Moonpig sent Valentine’s cards that encourage the public to sign up for organ donation. Keeping in tune with their fun, but meaningful brand, the cards have different themed designs.

‘I only have eyes for you… unless they get donated to someone who needs them – which is also cool’ and ‘Urine my heart, urine my soul… but one day my kidney may be in someone else’ are some of our favourites.

Moonpig cards NHS Valentine's Campaign

For those who didn’t receive a card, there’s still a chance to share the love as a video accompanies the whole campaign. In it couples ask what they love most about each other.

We love this one because it’s such an unlikely pairing, but such a great fit. The NHS say that only 3 in 10 couples have discussed whether they’re an organ donor. It may not seem like a romantic subject, but letting the person you love and trust know what to do in difficult situations is important.

The partnership lets Moonpig’s heartfelt, but funny and wacky side shine. With a name like Moonpig, Valentine’s has got to be a little different.

So, let your love show from the special organs inside of you.

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