Terms of service

  1. Where artwork has been commissioned, the parties agree that copyright is retained by Ready, which is a trading name of Xcetra Media Limited ("the Agency") unless and until all sums due pursuant to this agreement have been paid. An exclusive licence restricted to the use detailed on each order is then granted to the Client.
  2. The responsibility for legal protection of design and trade names must rest with the Client as this depends not only on the nature of the design solution, but on national and international legal and market situations.
  3. It is understood that the Agency fee is an estimate and accordingly reserve the right to charge extra fees for any additional work done if the work commissioned takes longer than the time originally anticipated at the date of the estimate, due to changes or amendments to the original brief by the Client.
  4. Unless otherwise provided in the quotation, and except as otherwise provided for herein, the Client shall pay additional charges for proof alterations and meetings which are outside the scope of the services on a time and materials basis. Such charges shall be in addition to all other amounts payable, despite any maximum budget, contract price or final price identified therein. Ready / Xcetra Media Limited may extend or modify any delivery schedule or deadlines in the proposal and deliverables as may be required by such alterations.
  5. For projects charged at a fixed fee, our fees include three variations of creative concepts, additional concepts would be charged at our standard hourly rate on top of the agreed project cost. Any additional work that is the result of client's change of direction or requirements over the original brief, would also be charged at the standard rate.
  6. The Agency undertake to use their best endeavours to produce artwork in accordance with the brief, as specified, and unless a specific rejection fee has been agreed in advance, there will be no right to reject any artwork delivered on stylistic or compositional grounds.
  7. An order is considered confirmed and artwork commissioned by the Client as and when the Client accepts the Agency's quote, verbally, in writing (such as letters, FAX or emails), or by action (such as the delivery of assets for the design or a Purchase Order).
  8. A booking is considered firm as from the date of the confirmation of the order and, accordingly, the Agency reserve the right to charge a reasonable percentage of the full fee if this order is cancelled prior to the completion of the artwork, after which time the full fee is chargeable.
  9. The Client undertakes: a) to give clear and unequivocal instructions; b) to approve all copy and artwork delivered to the Client within the time agreed with the Agency; c) to check and approve all copy for errors and to notify the Agency immediately; d) to supply all relevant specifications, materials, copy, transparencies, printing requirements which the Agency shall require in order to complete the relevant artwork.
  10. If the Client fails to give adequate instructions or to comply with its obligations in '8' above and requests the Agency to carry out work in a shortened time scale or without all necessary materials and specifications, the Agency will use their best endeavours to comply with such request but shall not be responsible for any delays, extra costs or omissions in the work finally delivered. The Agency shall charge the Client with all relevant additional costs incurred and shall further be entitled to charge an additional fee for the work carried out by them.
  11. It is agreed that these terms and conditions shall be effective in relation to all dealings between the Client and the Agency subsequent to and including this particular commission.
  12. The Agency hereby limit their liability in respect of loss, damage or theft to any materials or artwork prepared by them or otherwise the subject matter of this commission to the amount of their professional fees invoiced to the Client.
  13. All fees quoted are subject to review 30 days from the quote date.