Any business, large or small, can benefit from social media marketing. But those looking to target their local area need to adopt a different mindset to organisations whose audience is UK wide, or further afield.

We’ve recently developed social media strategies for a number of south-west-based businesses, and learnt a fair few things along the way. Conveniently our top tips all begin with the letter C. Nice.


Identifying and engaging local influencers like bloggers, media and even other businesses is a great way to show you value your place in the community. It could be a simple retweet, or something more complex – a LinkedIn group, perhaps.

The key is conversation – whether that’s starting or participating in. So remember to tag, @mention, and use local hashtags wherever possible.


Vines, gifs, Twitter polls, video content; don’t be afraid to use the myriad of media that social platforms support to its fullest.

The nature of your business will determine what’s most appropriate for you, but even simply using images in tweets is proven to increase engagement vs tweets without. So test a few things out, and stick with what works.


Social is an always-on medium that should constantly be updated. But bespoke campaigns offer the chance to engage followers and build awareness around a particular promotion, event or occasion.

Games and competitions are a great way to target regional audiences, with the option of paid ads and promoted content to further increase exposure. All trackable (and tweakable) in real-time, with plenty of nifty tools available to evaluate every click.


You may need outside help to set things up, identify the right platforms for you, and develop a strategy. But we’d advise keeping responsibility for implementation and day-to-day management in-house. Your people know your business and your locality, and can respond quickly to anything if needs be.

We’d also suggest having a robust governance policy, or set of house rules, to guide your colleague(s) on best practice. We’ve all seen those facepalm moments when social media goes wrong for brands.


Once you’ve started, keep going! As duly noted already, the always-on nature of social media means constantly feeding the machine. Particularly if you’re looking to the naturally smaller pool of a local area, who’ll come to expect a certain level of engagement once you get going.

Long-term, we’re sure you’ll reap the rewards.

If you’d like to discuss that first step of setting your strategy – or a bespoke digital campaign through social media – get in touch here.