Last weekend Team Ready went to Amsterdam to experience all things Dutch. A cultural weekend filled with bikes, boats and cheese was enjoyed by all.



We left the office just after lunchtime on Friday to drive to the airport.

The view through the front windscreen of the car driving to the airport

On Friday evening we went to The Lobby in the Hotel Nesplain for a candlelit dinner.

The food at the Lobby Nesplain. The first picture is Corvina Fillet with watermelon, avocado cream and pumpkin seeds. The second is Sirloin and beef cheek with chanterelle. The dessert is a lemon meringue tart.

After walking around the red light district in the pouring rain we got a taxi back to the hotel. A few of us ventured out to visit a few pubs and the rain miraculously disappeared, just in time for us to see a cyclist get entangled in a taxi which filled us with confidence before our bike ride the next day!


We rose bright and early the next morning and headed into the centre to look for breakfast, which we found in a gorgeous little cafe that served fantastic coffee.

After breakfast, it was time to hit the bikes! We headed to Mike’s Bike Tours where we had a quick lesson from our tour guide, Stuart, on how to use the brakes and gears and then we were off!

We cycled through the Vondelpark, past the iAmsterdam sign and the Rijksmuseum and over lots and lots of bridges!

At the end of the bike tour, we went for lunch and Stuart told us a bit more about the history of the city while we sampled the local beer.

In the afternoon we all went off and did our own thing. Ellie went to the Anne Frank house, Jake, Shane, Ryan and Martin went to a fascinating if a bit gory museum called Body Worlds and Jamie, Lloyd and Robin cycled north and took the ferry to an old shipping wharf called NDSM that is covered in loads of graffiti.

That evening everyone met in the lobby ready to go for dinner. We went for traditional Dutch food at Haesje Claes. A few of us tried the Stampot and there was a lot of Sauerkraut being passed around.

Afterwards, we hit a local club and drank shots of sambuca. A fun night was had by all.

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We woke on Sunday feeling a little worse for wear and, after checking our bags in, we headed off to catch the G’s Brunch Boat.

That afternoon everyone went off to explore more of Amsterdam. Jake and Shane met an old friend for food, Ellie went on a self-guided literary tour on her bike, which included stops at five bookshops and two libraries, and the others went to Restaurant Mappa for lunch.

Bookshops of Amsterdam! It was a miracle I only bought three! #bookshop #bookstagram #bookstore #bookphotography

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A very tired Team Ready boarded the plane back to Bristol that evening with a lot of Swiss cheese and a mug for Dave who couldn’t make the trip.

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