We make many games throughout the year for Quidco, the UK’s top cashback website, but autumn is definitely our busiest time!

This week we released our annual November game for the run up to Black Friday. This year’s autumn game was particularly popular, with a record number of players. So Quidco has asked us to relaunch it for Black Friday!

Quidco Black Friday game Guess 2 Win

So Guess 2 Win is back! We’ve dialled things up to create a fully site-wide ‘treasure hunt’. It has twice as many retail sponsors signed up to participate, making it 42!

Just like before, there are two anagrams a day, which when solved reveal a retailer. Users can then visit the sponsors site to see if they’re an instant prize winner. There are up to £20,000 worth of prizes to be won and anyone who solves the anagrams is also entered into a £1000 prize draw!

Quidco Guess2Win Black Friday campaign

And then on the 6th of December our Christmas game comes out! It’s one of our most fun and addictive games yet, so keep your eyes peeled!