Our latest Quidco campaign is live and it is full of egg-stealing, hand-slapping fun!

Basket Bandits is a digital game that challenges Quidco members to keep their Easter eggs safe from stealing hands. Success means the chance to win a cash prize from a £20,000 pot.

Check out this video of us slapping some hands away. (Turn up the volume!)

We had two KPIs to focus on for this digital experience: maximum plays and an increase in traffic to the websites of Quidco’s retail partners. These drove the project from the beginning.

To increase play numbers, the game had to be short, addictive and there needed to be an incentive to come back each day. Not only can members play (and win) an unlimited amount of times, but by using a personal best “eggchievements” page, players can compete against themselves to improve the number of hands slapped and to keep track of their winnings.

Retailer uplift is achieved by featuring a daily sponsor at the end of the game, giving players a chance to win additional prizes even if they weren’t successful.

Basket Bandits has already had over 20,000 plays. If you’re a Quidco member, log in and have a go. You could be a winner!