Last week team Ready moved into a new office and it is JUST SO COOL!


The office is located on Lower Bristol Road in Bath. Opposite a pub. Which, you know, is pretty handy for after work drinks and such.


The relocation comes as a result of our increase in headcount and client base over the past two years. The larger space provides new amenities for employees and room for further growth. And chalkboard walls. We really love our chalkboard walls.

“This move to Lower Bristol Road is the culmination of an exciting year for us, as we have taken on four new employees in the last two years and have won a large amount of new business,” said Jake Xu, director and co-founder of Ready. “This year marks our tenth birthday and we’re proud of how far we have come.”


“The new office will allow us to take on more employees, and the new facilities will also allow us to build on our strengths and produce even better campaigns for our clients.”


“We were fortunate to find a space so close to the centre of Bath,” added co-founder Shane Carnell-Xu, “We love working and living in this beautiful city and we hope to continue to be a part of the thriving creative community for many years to come.”