We have a new recruit! Emeline is joining us as digital designer, so she’s a bridge between the design and digital teams. A great addition!

As per tradition, we sat down and asked a few questions to get to know a little more about her.

What were you doing before you joined Ready?

I’ve been doing design work for 7 years and development for 3 years. The last company I worked at was Ents24. They sell music and comedy gig tickets.

Music concert

We didn’t get free tickets very often but when we did they were really good. I got to see Miss Saigon at the theatre and also got Leeds Guest tickets one year which meant running water and showers. So pretty decent!

What have you learnt since starting your role?

That I can plank for a whole minute! Everyone in the office does a minute plank twice a day so that was something new I’ve joined in on.

Where did you grow up?

Everywhere. My parents moved to Wales when I was 2, before that I was in London. When I was 14 I left home and moved to Devon and then at 16 I moved to Bristol, which is definitely my favourite place!

Bristol                (Image: Smart Energy)

If I moved from there it would be leaving the country, I can’t think of anywhere in the UK I’d rather be.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I really love makeup. I found this role because I was looking for more beauty related jobs and knew my friend Ryan (our designer) had some makeup samples from working at Ready. Luckily they had a role which suited me, so it’s nice to be doing something related to what I enjoy.

I also ride a motorbike. I guess that’s slightly different too. I also like to fill my spare time at the gym, I’ve really got into bodybuilding.

What kind of things do you do outside of work?

I think I’ve grown out of going out all the time and prefer to have game nights with my friends. We like to play any good classic board game. The other night we played Cluedo and all dressed up as characters from it.

Cluedo              (Image: Evening Standard)

My favourite is probably Taboo. It’s where you have to describe a word on the card but can’t use the actual word. It’s really straight forward to understand and funny how people try to explain things.

Any favourite TV Shows or films?

I loved Dexter. I’ve seen it twice through.

I also love House M.D., I want House to be my doctor.

House MD              (Image: Cyril Dawson)

Oh and I love Taskmaster. It’s where they get comedians to do stupid things. They’ve had loads of really good people on it. Greg Davis is my favourite.

TV shows wise I basically love any dramas. Crime drama, medical drama, law drama.

And finally, if you had £1000 to spend in a day, what would you do?

I’d like to book a holiday somewhere really cultural with lots to do. I love travelling. I’ve been to Vietnam and Vegas, but I want to go to more places too.

Hungary              (Image: The Bridge Head)

I’m thinking Thailand would be good place to go to next, visit all the islands.

I also want to go to Hungary. I’m a quarter Hungarian, but I’ve never been. It’s through my dad’s dad, but we don’t know him. I really want to find him. Apparently he has an unusual name so it shouldn’t be too hard!