Our latest campaign for Quidco, the UK’s leading online cashback website, has summer vibes written all over it.

We were tasked with a summer-themed campaign which achieves the dual effect of driving traffic to Quidco’s retail partners, and reinforcing the message amongst members that Quidco is all about earning cashback when shopping online.

So we created Brave The Wave, an arcade-style digital game challenging players to get gnarly and ride the crest of a wave for the chance to win a share of the £20K prize pot.

With an increasing amount of traffic now coming to from mobile devices, we built the game for optimum play on mobiles and tablets.

So, with the sun shining and the waves rising, players must tap their screens to keep the surfboard on the wave whilst dodging the various obstacles in their way. If they make it to the end without wiping out, they instantly find out if they’ve won a cash prize. If not, they can keep playing until they do.

That takes care of the member engagement element, but what about retail partners? Well – to drive traffic to retailers in the past, we have placed them into the campaigns as sponsors of the games.

In order to increase the effectiveness of their involvement in Brave The Wave, we did so again but with much more exposure, displaying them throughout the gameplay sequence as well as before and after. Headline sponsors in particular are more prominent.

In addition to the game itself, we have created a suite of creative assets to raise awareness of the campaign including Facebook ads, email promo banners and social post images.

To play Brave The Wave, you must be a Quidco member. If you are, then grab your board and get involved here.

If not, then sign up here. It’s free, and you’ll earn cashback whenever you shop online at over 4,500 retailers. What’s not to love?!