Luxury bath, body and beauty brand Molton Brown approached us to help launch their new Vetiver & Grapefruit fragrance range – and we’re really excited to say it’s now live!

Molton Brown source ingredients from around the world, constantly experimenting with brave scent combinations. This is part of what makes them such a unique and inspiring brand.

Promotional launch campaign for personal care brand Molton Brown
(image: John Lewis)

Their latest innovation, vetiver root mixed with grapefruit, creates a delightful but surprising scent. And as they’re rightfully proud of it, they wanted to launch it into the market in style – which is where we come in!

To grab consumers’ attention and drive footfall to Molton Brown stores and concession stands, we’re planting 3D optical illusions at several shopping centres around the UK.

Promotional launch campaign for personal care brand Molton Brown

The campaign utilises anamorphic art to create clever optical illusions that represent the tension between the new range’s contrasting ingredients.

It’s a concept that grew from the fragrance itself, starting at the root – literally. The vetiver root is relaxing and comforting, whereas grapefruit is sharp and bright. The two scents may work together but they’re still strikingly different. There’s tension between them, and that is exactly what we wanted to work with.

The use of marble and stone reflects the differing and almost contradicting scents in the Vetiver & Grapefruit collection.

The 3D floor dropping away and the optical illusion represents the surprise and delight of the new range. It’s the idea of something that people aren’t sure if it could work but it does – just like the floor art, and just like the fragrance.

A key aspect of the experience is encouraging shoppers to interact with it.

We’ve placed feet marks to indicate where to get the right perspective from, and signage units invite people to share their photos on social media with the hashtag #BuildTheTension to win a host of amazing prizes.

molton brown experiential campaign launch

Shoppers can also submit their details in exchange for a free 30ml sample and the chance to win a luxury weekend in London.

The campaign’s first stop is at House of Fraser at Newcastle Metro Centre from May 11th-13th. It will then pop up at five other locations around the country including Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, Belfast’s Victoria Quarter and Canary Wharf in London.

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