Bioré are the experts when it comes to clean pores. Their unique range of products use charcoal and baking soda to tackle dirt, oil and blackheads that can build up over time.

And this year we’re lucky enough to be handling their tactical marketing, working on 4 key stages! We’ve already enjoyed creating the ‘Free Your Pores’ video in February and are now onto the second campaign.

This latest one has three layers…

Firstly, we want to educate consumers about their anti-blemish range. As with any new range it’s important to break through the noise and stand out.

Bioré Your Clean Skin Plan Questions


Secondly, Bioré has a loyal following of customers because their products are so effective. They’re most famous for their pore strips, but this campaign hopes to showcase all the other great products that consumers can buy to keep skin clean and tackle oil build-up.

Thirdly, they wanted to promote how important a skincare regime is. Not only does it encourage repeated consumer consumption, but a regular skincare routine is the most effective way to clear and clean skin.

New Campaign Bioré Clean Skin Plan

With all this in mind we decided to create a skin diagnostic tool. The skincare market is saturated with products, but most of them have little information about individual skin types. This means that consumers often end up wasting money trying products, hoping to find the right one for their specific type. The ‘Your Clean Skin Plan’ tool, however, solves this issue.

Bioré Clean Skin Plan Questions Breakouts

It uses four simple questions to create a plan for each individual user. It starts by determining the skin type, followed by which ingredient best suits them. Charcoal is for normal to oily skin and baking soda works best for combination to dry skin. Then the final questions dig a little deeper to further tailor the plan to each user.

New Campaign Bioré Clean Skin Plan

Once they complete all the questions, the user receives a personalised clean skin plan and selection of products. Each product has information about what it is, when it should be used and how. It also tells them why it works for their skin. The products are also in either daily or weekly use categories, which makes the plan even easier to follow.

Users can print their personal plan to keep or email it to themselves to store in their inbox and refer back to. Everything is then available to purchase online for those who want to try their personal set of products as well.

New Campaign Bioré Clean Skin Plan

The Ready team have done a great job on the ‘Your Clean Skin Plan’. It will be really useful for those who want to learn more about what Bioré can do for them, and those who want to work on their skincare routines!

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