We’ve helped our clients achieve some great results from bespoke digital experiences, particularly game-based ones. But introducing a game element isn’t just about fun. The campaign must deliver tangible results, usually against very specific objectives.

So what should you consider when thinking about using this tactic? Here are our top tips, demonstrated using two examples, our Quidco Coconut Smash campaign and our Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker experience.

Know your audience

Such experiences will only be truly effective if your customers are digitally savvy. Our Soap & Glory campaign worked brilliantly because the target audience were girls aged between 18 and 25 – a generation brought up in a digital world.


People love to share fun stuff, especially if they find it addictive. Multiple plays of Quidco Coconut Smash were extremely high, and it was no surprise to see it widely shared, even featuring on blogs and sites such as MoneySavingExpert and Loquax. This resulted in far more attention than we expected.


To get people playing in the first place though, you need a hook. The Quidco campaign had cash prizes; not only a great incentive, but the perfect message for a site that gives cashback from purchases.

Meanwhile our Soap and Glory digital experience offered the chance to win cosmetics products, but we also nurtured an “everyone’s a winner” ethos; those who didn’t win an actual prize were offered a ‘£1 off’ coupon code to use at boots.com.

Acquisition and retention

Our expertise in subscription marketing means we are often asked to create digital experiences specifically designed to acquire and retain customers.


Quidco Coconut Smash is a great example. Users had to sign up to the service to play. The game then educated them on the benefits of Quidco. Many existing members, meanwhile, weren’t using Quidco regularly. So the experience reminded them where and how they could earn cashback when shopping online.


Today, digital experiences need to be accessible from any device – a challenge that was all too apparent for Soap and Glory’s young, mobile-first audience. The Sexy Mother Pucker game was played via a Facebook Page Tab app, but these aren’t accessible on mobile.


So we made sure mobile users were recognised, then taken to a standalone mobile-responsive page to play the game.

Product launch

A digital game is great for driving awareness around a product launch. The Sexy Mother Pucker experience not only created a real buzz online, but also tied in perfectly with the purpose of the product – a lip gloss that also plumps up lips. As a result it smashed all targets for awareness, engagement and category growth.

So to sum up, what should you consider?

  • Is your audience going to be attracted by this kind of activity?
  • Can you offer incentives to drive engagement?
  • Could it attract new customers and build relationships with existing ones?
  • Is it multi-platform?
  • Do you have a new product you’re looking to promote?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes!’, then get in touch here. We’ll help you figure out if it is the best option for you.