You’re in the marketing team at a high-profile brand. You like your creative agency. They’ve got your creative strategy, and the campaign concepts that arise from this, nailed down. Totally happy with that.

But when it comes to implementing those concepts, getting the various assets – banner ads, mailers, etc. – can be a slow process. So you often have to chase them. Which can be frustrating, considering how much they charge.

There’s an alternative. Get a smaller, more nimble agency to do all that, leaving your lead guys to focus on the big stuff. Here’s why you should consider this option…

It’ll save you time

You’re busy and time is of the essence, so why wait weeks for what you need when it could take days?

A ‘secondary’ partner, able to quickly turn your creative idea into campaign-ready print and digital ads, DM and emails, could revolutionise the way you work.

It’ll save you money

Smaller agencies have less overheads, so pick the right one and make your budgets go way further. If you go for one outside the M25, the deal should be even better.

Exploring this option certainly doesn’t mean compromising on quality, or risking going off-brand. There’s a plethora of talent and experience in the provinces.

It’ll save you effort

You’ve chased your agency for the third time. The DM designs finally come back, but they’re not right and you want amends made. It begins again…

Think about how much stress you could eliminate with an agency that pride themselves on eliminating your stress.

It’ll make you feel good

If your lead agency is particularly large, you may get the feeling you’re just one of many clients. And maybe that’s perfectly fine with you.

But maybe, just every now and then, you wouldn’t mind being treated like royalty. That’s how agencies like us see our relationship. We bend over backwards to achieve superhero status in your eyes.

It can set your lead agency free

Let’s face it – they don’t really want to be making all those knotty, laborious assets. They want to focus on the big picture. So let them! And look for someone for whom those assets are their bread and butter.

Ok, this piece is partly about saying we at READY are one such agency. We operate in this way for Freeview, for example.

However it’s also about championing small, talented agencies everywhere. There are many like us who can save you time, money and effort.

So if you recognise this is where we can fit in, then give us (and our counterparts) a shot.