Welcome back to another Breakthrough Briefing! We’ve got a great mix of campaigns this week, so lots to enjoy!

Coffee house

Dunkin’ Doughnuts have opened a tiny house that runs on coffee!

The Coffee at Home part of the brand that’s sold in grocery stores has opened up a tiny house for members of the public to visit.

Dinkin' tiny house                (Image: Marketing Dive)

And the entire house runs on used coffee grounds.

This is such a cool concept and makes use of waste their products could create. There’s a trend towards doing this at the moment and we definitely think this is one of the most creative ways yet!

Food for the senses

Tesco are celebrating their own-brand Finest range. And to really immerse foodies, they’ve created an edible exhibition!

‘Food alchemists’ Bompas and Parr curated the DEVOUR event. It involves 6 different experiences bringing together food, art design and theatre.

Tesco Finest Edible Exhibiton                 (Image: Promo Marketing)

From catching edible champagne bubbles to traveling down a Himilayan pink salt mine, to an edible rainbow, attendees will certainly get a sense of the amazing Finest range!

We love this idea. This takes the experience of food to the next level and plays with all the senses. We’re hoping they roll them out everywhere!

Last Straw

Ikea have parted ways with single-use plastic and no longer use/sell straws.

To remember this momentous occasion they’ve saved the final straw and are exhibiting it at London’s Design Museum.

Titled Last Straw, the exhibition aims to help consumers think about their plastic use.

Ikea Last Straw exhibition                 (Image: The Guardian)

This is part of their wider Lagom Mission which plays to the Swedish philosophy of ‘just the right amount’.

It’s so great to see brands making these big changes as it makes it the norm for everyone else to follow. Those that lead these movements, however, will always stand out which is what Ikea are doing here!


The next time you see a beautiful travel picture online, you’ll be able to book a holiday there a whole lot easier thank to EasyJet!

They’ve unveiled a new app that lets users book flights from pictures.

Users can take a screencap from Instagram and put it into the app to book a flight to their desired location.

We think this is definitely the way of the future. They’ve made organising travel a whole lot easier and fun. We really love this idea and are interested to see what other brands do to match it.