Welcome back to our Breakthrough Briefing! This week we’ve got some Halloween leftovers and the first twinkling of Christmas, enjoy!

Hot dog debates

Oscar Mayer, the US hot dog brand has decided to throw out their (possibly controversial) opinion in the age-old debate: are hot dogs sandwiches? And on National Sandwich Day, they proclaimed yes.

Oscar Mayer hot dog sandwhich hotline                 (Image: Marketing Dive)

They also set up a hotline to hear the opinions of non-believers at 1-833-SNDWICH. People had 24 hours to change their minds, but we think they’re pretty certain in their sandwich claim.

We love this idea. It’s simple and silly but gives consumers a chance to get in on a meaningless debate (which people love). And Oscar Mayer is at the centre!

Halloween treats

BoxMart are a packaging supplier and they decided Halloween was the perfect time to show off the kinds of things they’re great at: boxes, but better!

They’re created a 7ft spooky house that also served as an advent calendar. It was themed around Hobgoblin, the unofficial beer of the Halloween season.

BoxMarts Hobgoblin spooky house advent calendar                 (Image: FMCG Magazine)

Each day industry visitors could open doors and experience some of the exciting wonders inside.

This is definitely one of the best B2B marketing stunts we’ve seen! We love the idea, it did something really different with the spooky season.

KFC complaints

People don’t like KFC’s chips and they are very vocal about it. But instead of avoiding the criticism, KFC have embraced it.

They’ve been promoting some of the best negative tweets in the build-up to announcing their new chips! Not only did they share the bad thoughts online, but they ran an OOH prints at bus stops too, sharing that they are changing the chip formula.

KFC 'dip me again' ad for their new chips formula               (Image: The Drum)

This is such a great way to promote the new fries. We love when a brand can admit their flaws, and KFC have taken this one step further by listening and making the relevant changes.

Sky games

In a promotion for their new TV show The Heist, Sky have decided to let people have a go at living it. Kind of.

As a detective show, it makes sense that the game would have you doing a little detecting of your own. Sky have set up a scavenger hunt that involves a prize of £5000 if participants compete it!

Players have to sign up through the phone and are directed towards a place with the first clue. There are 300 different hotspots possible to visit in cities such as Aberdeen, Leeds, London and Cardiff.

We really love this idea. The game ties in perfectly with the show and what a way to give diehard binge watchers a chance to live their favourite type of show!

Gregg swaps

In their Northumberland store, Greggs have reversed their shop sign. And it’s a genius move.

Opposite the shop is Fenwicks Christmas window display, which has a grand unveiling each year.

Greggs reversed shop sign               (Image: The Drum)

This year they chose to base the theme around children’s classic The Snowman. Right in the middle of this beautiful display of trees and snow is a gleaming Greggs sign.

Having reversed the sign, it now reflects in the window perfectly. The move also coincides with their Christmas menu launch!

This is the first Christmas campaign of the season to make it into Breakthrough Briefing and it’s a cracker. The sign also means people can now take a selfie outside the shop and the sign will be the right way! It truly is a Christmas miracle.