Welcome back to the Breakthrough Briefing!

Once again we have a brilliant collection of creative campaigns that broke through the noise. This week features Burger King, Ikea, The Cut, Amsterdam and HP.

Burger King makes people miss flights

There’s only one Burger King in Romania and that’s on the other side of airport security. So if anyone wants to satisfy their craving they have to wait till they’re flying out of the country to buy one.

However, people in Romania want a burger without the hassle. Burger King have come up with a plan to help them – kind of.

You’d think this would mean opening a restaurant outside of the airport, but they’ve got much more creative than that. is a website that allows people to buy cheap, one-way plane tickets that can be exchanged for a free whopper if people don’t get on their flights. So customers are traipsing through airport security, checking in and then missing their flights all to receive a tasty burger.

We think this could be the weirdest campaign we’ve covered so far, but it’s really fun and people are engaging with it! It shows how loyal some people are to the whopper burger.

Ikea’s sleepy marketing

In an effort to communicate what a good night’s sleep their beds and mattresses provide, Ikea have created the ‘sleepiest print ad ever’.

It can be removed from the magazine and opened up to start white noise and a pod releases a lavender scent, which relaxes and calms for the best night’s sleep. Even the ink is infused with lavender!

We love this idea because it uses print in a really creative way. The ad is genuinely useful and can be used to help consumers get to sleep.

The Cut delivers

Newyork magazines The Cut, which focuses on creative women and covers ‘style’, ‘self’, ‘culture’ and ‘power’ have found a new way to increase revenue that doesn’t focus on ads.

A good headline can be the best part of an article – summing up the theme in a creative and compelling way. So The Cut have collected their best ones and loved quotes and displayed them on plain t-shirts for readers and fans of journalism to buy.

The Cut t-shirts campaign               (Image: Ad Age)

We love this, partly for the amazing t-shirts and of course because it’s an incredibly creative campaign. It does something unexpected of a news publisher, but it works well. We think others might have to follow suit.

Amsterdam gum crisis

The city of Amsterdam is known for it’s beautiful streets and engaging cultural sites, but this means it gets a lot of heavy foot traffic. Something that comes along with this is gum. A lot of it.

Amsterdam has found itself littered with the sticky mess and need a way to solve it.

Luckily, they’ve found it. The city marketing organisation I Amsterdam have worked to scrape the streets and collect all the harmful gum and turn it into shoes. Bubble-gum pink ones.

Amsterdam gum shoes breakthrough campaign

We love this idea, because it gives people an easy way to give money towards the efforts to cleans the streets and they get something really cool in return – without making more waste!

HP Printer app

HP Printers have released an app that uses AR to show photo frames around people houses.

Users can upload their own photos to place in the frame and see how they’d look on the wall of their homes before they commit to buying.

HP printers AR photo frame app               (Image: Campaign)

We love this idea, because it utilises AR perfectly. Ikea did it furniture and now HP have developed it to suit their brand. We think others will do the same and realise the potential AR has for them.

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