This week’s Breakthrough Briefing brings you another slice of original and unique campaign ideas from around the world.

From agony aunts to logo takeovers, here are the most recent breakthrough campaigns that have crossed our paths.

Doritos Release Streetwear

Everyone’s favourite flavoured tortilla brand have released a range of stylish streetwear based on their Ketchup crisps.

Doritos campaign featured in Ready's Breakthrough Briefing, March 5th 2018               (image: AdWeek)

The Ketchup Dorito is a seasonal occurrence and has created a following of die-hard fans. To encourage others to join in on the hype, they created a clothing range inspired by the tomato and crisp collaboration. The range is a chance for people to express their love for the limited-edition flavour. And what better way than wearing it head to toe, right?

Most of the clothes sold out really quickly, but luckily there’s still some available to win by entering a competition.

Although branded clothes aren’t new, this line is deemed wearable by fashionista across the internet and wins originality in its simple, stylish design.

We love this idea because it’s so unexpected, and so different to how most brands deliver promotional clothing. It hit the nail on the head, giving fans just what they wanted: a way to truly express themselves through their love of Doritos. And it looks surprisingly good.

Lime-A-Rita Gives Advice

The canned margarita brand, Lime-A-Rita, is running a campaign named ‘Meet the Ritas’ in which it’s created characters to represent the brand. These come in the form of three legendary ladies: The Ritas.

Lime-a-rite campaign featured in Ready's Breakthrough Briefing, March 5th 2018               (image: webwire)

With these characters they’ve started a social media advice and gossip column named #RitaSays. Consumers who are 21 and over can ask questions on the brands Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. People can expect the ladies to answer with honest advice as if they were talking to a close friend.

They’ve even expanded the campaign to have its own Twitter handle @TheRitas.

We love this campaign because it’s such a fun way of increasing engagement. They’ve made their own influencers that people want to interact with and enjoy talking to all under the brand umbrella. We can expect a lot of the solutions to include ‘having a Rita’ and sometimes, that is the only answer.

Brewdog ‘Don’t buy the advertising’

Brewdog, the Scottish beer company, have decided to give away 1m free pints of its Punk IPA.

Brewdog campaign featured in Ready's Breakthrough Briefing, March 5th 2018               (image: The Drum)

Known for their anti-advertising advertising, this fits perfectly on brand. The sampling push is to get people to pick taste over marketing as they put faith in the beer.

The campaign covers social, press, digital and outdoor platforms all under the headline ‘Don’t believe the hype’ as they urge people to ‘Make up your own mind’.

In what they’re calling ‘world’s biggest sampling campaign’ they’re hoping to convert people to craft beer lovers by allowing them to download a beer token and taste it first-hand.

Its size is part of what makes this campaign so attention-grabbing. People are asking brands for authenticity and this suggests that Brewdog trusts its own product enough to let people make up their own minds. The act of pretending not to advertise whilst advertising is a fine line but it seems as if Brewdog have pulled it off successfully.

Lacoste promotes conservation

The clothing brand Lacoste is best known for the iconic crocodile symbol that adorns their shirts. This is about to be replaced as the brand supports a new campaign with the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Lacoste campaign featured in Ready's Breakthrough Briefing, March 5th 2018               (image: Hollywood Reporter)

Lacoste will release versions of their classic polo shirt sporting 10 different animals on the endangered species list. The shirts will have limited stock depending on how many animals are thought to be left of each species. Anegada Rock iguanas will be available on 450 garments, but the vaquita porpoise will have a run of just 30.

1, 775 polos have already been made in this really cool campaign. We really like this because it’s a subtle way to engage people in a movement by switching the well-known crocodile for animals who don’t usually get noticed.

Toyota creates ‘blind skier’ 360° experience

Having featured in last week’s Breakthrough Briefing with a brilliantly innovative print ad, Toyota caught our eye again this week with a really interesting social campaign.

Toyota campaign featured in Ready's Breakthrough Briefing, March 5th 2018               (image: The Drum)

The carmaker has created an Instagram account called @seelikemenna, on which it’s posted videos aiming to show viewers what it’s like to be a legally blind skier on the slopes.

The campaign, which also features 360° videos on Facebook and YouTube, is designed to raise awareness of just how tough it is for competitors like Menna Fitzpatrick to compete in the Winter Paralympic Games, which begin on March 9th.

Any campaigns that go above and beyond to put us in the shoes of extraordinary people overcoming adversity gets a huge thumbs-up from us, particularly if it’s about visual impairment. Too often we simply don’t realise how difficult even the simplest of tasks can be – let alone shooting down a mountain at 100km/hr!

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