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This week we have a burger billboard, avocados and plenty of other really interesting  campaigns shaking up the status quo.

Deliveroo Celebrates 10 Million

Deliveroo celebrated delivering 10 million burgers by creating a billboard that was the first of its kind made entirely from burgers. And the best part? They were all free for the public to eat.

The installation came in at 4 metres’ high, up to a double decker bus! The burgers themselves were sourced from some of the nation’s favourite places: GBK, Byron, Beer + Burger and Polo. They even had vegetarian and chicken options available to those who wanted them.

Deliveroo Burger Breakthrough Breifinf               (Image: Evening Standard)

The billboard was open from 12-7pm, whilst stocks lasted, on March 13th and constructed in East London. Burgers are one of their most popular dishes ordered, so Deliveroo repaid the millions of hungry customers with what they loved most.

The board was part of their ‘Eat More Amazing’ campaign, encouraging people to eat great food. We love this because it’s such a great way to celebrate and gives back to their customers. And it’s definitely the first billboard made entirely out of burgers! If only we’d could have nabbed one.

Millennial #Avocard

Virgin Trains released a ‘millennial’ railcard, a discounted travel card for mid 20’s to 30. Unfortunately their website crashed from the popular demand. To appease those annoyed from losing out, Virgin Trains offered a discount if young adults presented an Avocado alongside their ID when traveling.

The stunt was to make light of the millennial avocado-loving stereotype. It worked well with some and didn’t land with others, but we think it’s a fun way to handle their tech problem.

The Virgin Train teams promoted the discount across their social platforms to encourage those traveling to make use of the #Avocard. They reacted well to their problem, managing to turn an inconvenience into a fun and useful promotion.

Nike Get Gamified

To promote their new trainer, the ‘Epic React’ model, Nike have created an interactive game.

Customers could test the new shoes in the best way possible: running. But not any running, jogging through pixilated landscapes from rooftops to forests. The game, Reactland, was connected up to a treadmill where those willing to try could run through the virtual land, showcasing the light, durable and bouncy nature of the shoe.

Nike Reactland Breakthrough Breifing

People could step up, get an 8-bit avatar based on their actual face and enjoy running. They also had a handheld controller that let them jump to the clouds and showcased benefits of the shoe without the fear of people struggling to jump on the treadmills.

The game is in various stores throughout Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou. We love games as they’re such a fun way to engage people with a brand, making a rewarding two-way experience. And we think this one looks like a lot of fun!


Channel 4 have created a fake accessory, the AzanaBand, a sensory gaming device that promises to inject real life into virtual gaming experiences with electric pulses. The stunt is a campaign for their new live-action thriller Kiss Me First.

The AzanaBand is a large metal band that clips to a user’s neck and connects to their game via Bluetooth. Although the product isn’t real, Channel 4 have had fun promoting it and encouraging misleading stories. YouTube gaming channel Hat Films did an unboxing video titled ‘REAL PAIN in VR!’ about it, which used influencers in an interesting way, weaving the fiction further.

VR gaming features in Kiss Me First so it made sense to play with the idea and the dark sci-fi themes floating around popular media at the moment. We think it’s great concept and it even caught some of us out, believing that a pain inducing device was about to be the next big thing in gaming! Luckily it is all a hoax, and a well-executed one at that, but we think it definitely got people excited about what’s to follow in the show.

Lexus Love Letters

Car manufacturer Lexus have made a campaign that has customer service as the number one theme. Using real letters written by satisfied customers, they created a paper hanging art installation.

The campaign featured the real writers as they read out their letters and artist Michael Murphy folded each one into an origami piece and added it to the installation. In the end 2,000 letters made up the shape of the new Lexus LS Sedan and the Lexus logo.

Lexus Breakthrough Briefing               (Image: Marketing Dive)

We think this is a really creative idea to show that customers come first. People increasingly trust their peers and real people with brand recommendations. This campaign works as it highlights how real people really like and connect to Lexus.

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