Welcome back to the Breakthrough Briefing! It’s a new week and we have a new collection of unique and interesting campaign ideas from around the world.

From the DreamWorks girl to audio technology, there’s a great mix of breakthrough campaigns to get stuck into this week.

Cochlear Chrome Extension

Cochlear is a company that creates hearing implants. Most recently, however, they’ve created some really cool tech for online platforms. Their products adapt to users’ needs rather than making everything louder, which is what their latest campaign promotes.

They’ve created software called Hearprint that adapts audio levels on content to a listener’s ability. It’s also available as a Chrome Extension so people can use the technology across the internet.

Cocher Breakthrough Briefing               (Image: The Drum)

To accompany this they’ve created films about Jennie Brand-Miller and Andy King, two people with poor hearing that have been successful despite the possible handicap. Jennie is a professor of human nutrition at Sydney University and Andy is a high performing surf coach.

We love this idea because it utilises Chrome Extensions, which are a relatively untapped market in the advertising world. As well as this they’ve created something genuinely useful people can use time and time again, always with Cochlear in the back of their mind.

Smirnoff Balances Gender on Spotify

The vodka company has partnered with Spotify, but it’s not to place the usual audio ads. Instead they’ve created Smirnoff Equalizer, an API that analyses how many male and female musicians Spotify users have listened to in the last six months.

It then offers a playlist that equally represents gender, so people are exposed to the great female artists working in their favourite music genres. It also offers a slider where people can select more female artists to appear and hear about their experiences in the music industry.

Smirnoff Breakthrough Briefing                 (Image: Fashion Tips House)

Once again, we love this because it does something different. When a Spotify ad is mentioned people instantly assume the usual chatting interruption to their listening, but this does something really useful.

ABC transforms NYC Subway Car

ABC, the American television network, are rebooting their 90’s sitcom Rosanne. To get people excited they’ve transformed a NYC subway car.

The interior is reminiscent of the classic sitting room that featured in the show. The seat designs are transformed to look like a sofa, complete with crochet blanket. The walls have family pictures as well as vinyls of knickknacks and furniture the fans will remember. There’s even a fire place! (A wall sticker, not real, don’t worry).

It’s a way to bring an experiential idea to a lot of people in an easy and convenient way. People can get involved in the campaign by taking pictures and sitting in the carriage without having to change their usual routines.

Creative Equals Switches Genders

Creative Equals helps give the support, mentoring and training to female creatives that lets them break through into the futures they want.

For International Women’s day they decided to switch up famous logos. From DreamWorks to the Monopoly Man to Pringles, simple designs transformed the iconic men into iconic women.

Each image has a tagline of ‘Here’s to more women’.

They hope it shines a light on how many male design directors were probably behind the iconic logos, as only 11.15% of design directors today are female.

It makes people question their unconscious bias and notice things that have slipped past them before. They’re all really cool and we definitely think some should be a permanent change.

Miss Labelled Clothes

Bex Conyngham-Hynes and Dan Scott have created alternative clothing labels for women. Rather than the usual numbers for sizes, they’ve switched them with pictures of iconic women.

Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Obama and Jk Rowling, to name a few, all represent different sizes from UK 4 – 20.

Miss Labelled Breakthrough Briefing               (Image: The Drum)

Women’s identities are so often based on physical appearance and not what they’ve achieved. Bex and Dan have created labels that make people compare themselves to inspirational women not numbers on a scale. You might be a size Frida Kahlo or Serena Williams, and either way it’s something to celebrate.

We love this because it’s such a wonderful premise. A simple change can make a world of difference.

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