Welcome back to the Breakthrough Briefing where we feature all our favourite campaigns from the previous week!

Cardboard fun

One thing that anyone who’s ever shopped at Ikea knows is that you’re usually left with piles of cardboard. And unless you’re a cat these boxes aren’t particularly appealing. But Ikea have found a way to make cardboard a bit more interesting.

Through a free mobile app, the Ikea Toy Box helps parents encourage creative play. Something that 50% say they struggle with. The app gives simple instructions that can turn any of the boring recycling into fun and imaginative ideas.

We love this idea because it isn’t necessarily selling products but giving added benefit to their already existing stock, or more accurately, it’s packing. Most brands see the box as something to carry the product, but Ikea are making sure every part of their experience is great.

Escape hunger

Snickers have recently released a range of new, exciting flavours to the classic bars including espresso, fiery, sweet and salty. To promote this they’re running a short pop-up in New York.

The Hunger Bunker participants are given 3 challenges and only 10 minutes to solve them. And if you fail? The results indicate which flavour profile you are!

Snickers Hunger Bunker                 (Image: Adweek)

Espresso is for the irritable people, sweet and salty fits indecisive fans and fiery is for those who were wimpy during the challenge.

We love this idea because it shows off the new flavours in a very snicker-esque way and tapped into the craze for escape rooms everywhere at the moment.

Tiny Tweets

Greenscape, an eco-management brand, have set out to educate the general public on the dangers of e-waste. To do this they got the tinniest spokespeople of all time. Bugs.

In dumps yards across India Greenscape set up sensors that detects when an insect comes near and then puts out a tweet from the little critter.

Greenscape tiny tweets                (Image: The Drum)

India is one of the top countries struggling to fight e-waste so it was a perfect place to set up.

The #tingbugstweet include comments like ‘Your e-waste is your e-waste. But you throw it here and make it my e-waste. Why you so irresponsible?’ and ‘The dump yard has become a rain forest. Because our tears keep raining looking at the ill-effects of your e-waste’.

We love this idea because it really engages people rather than just lecturing them on the issue. It’s a great way to get people to listen, especially on such an important topic. We want more tiny tweets!

Jet-pack dogs

Oscar Mayer may sell hotdogs, but now they’ve moved into delivering them, in the most spectacular way.

The ‘Super Hotdogger’, an orange wearing mascot is delivering the new Oscar Mayer pork and chicken hot dogs by jet-pack.

As well as appearing in a promotional video, the ‘Super Hotdogger’ has made a public appearance by jet-packing in New York. People that attended this Oscar Mayer NY event recieved free hotdogs to sample the new flavours.

We love this idea for how weird and wonderful it is. Sometimes just having fun as a brand and letting your true colours shine can attract customers and let them enjoy having a laugh.

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