Welcome back to the Breakthrough Briefing! We’ve rounded up the best and the brightest creative campaigns that caught our eye last week.

Ice cream fashion

During this year’s Berlin Fashion Week, Häagen-Dazs have joined in with their very own fashion collection.

‘The House of Häagen-Dazs 48 hour collection’ is a competition for 3 up and coming fashion students. They have to develop clothing using the popular Peanut Butter Crunch package design. The winner will then receive a €2,500 fund to kick-start their career.

House of Häagen-Dazs competition                (Image: Promomarketing)

Visitors at Berlin Fashion week will be able to see the students working and receive a limited import of the newly designed ice cream as well.

The whole collection will later be shown in In-Style Germany!

We love this campaign because it’s so unexpected from an ice cream company but perfectly taps into the luxury nature of the Häagen-Dazs brand.

Focused tech

To promote their new Focus model, Ford have installed an AI installation.

Standing six-metres high, large letters spell out Focus and incorporate pictures and videos.

Passers-by can interact with it via their phones and tell the machine their interests and hobbies. The letters will then feature a picture of the person along with videos of their chosen interest from its data base. Alternatively, people can let is access their own camera-roll for a truly personal show.

Focus Installation                (Image: Campaign)

It took 200 hours to teach the machine everything it needed for the campaign and it can now speak 4 different languages.

This is a huge undertaking from Ford, but we think it definitely paid off. We love this campaign because it really does something different and presents them as a tech-forward brand.

Welcoming watches

As Independence Day rolls around, brands look to represent what America means to them. High-end accessory company Shinola decided that it would represent that with a classic icon: The Statue of Liberty.

But their new statue timepiece is also to represent the diversity of immigrants, as most Americans descended from today. And to redefine what the perception of ‘immigrant’ is.

Back in June Shinola welcomed over 100 new US citizens at a New York courthouse after their naturalisation ceremony. Some of them were then interviewed and filmed to explore their stories to becoming an American citizen. They also received a new Runwell watch in a box that read ‘From this second forward, you are as American as the rest of us’.

To them Lady Liberty stands for ‘freedom, hope and eternal welcome’ and they hope this campaign will help remind others of this too.

We love this campaign because it addresses more than one purpose and it definitely represents theirs as a brand. With today’s ask for authenticity, brands that stand for something and stand up for something will create a more loyal customer-base.

Influencers disconnected

Adidas are taking their influencer marketing offline.

They created billboards in key areas across New York and Los Angeles to promote the launch of their new P.O.D shoes. These OOH ads all referenced specific influencers. The boards addressed some part of the influencer’s personal life and then invites them to a store to pick up a new pair of shoes.

It’s an interesting way of reaching out to influencers and puts the whole partnership on the table.

It was such a success that they’re now rolling out the idea in other US cities too.

We love this campaign because it combines influencer marketing with a more traditional element to create something completely new.

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