Welcome back to the Breakthrough Briefing! It’s another week and we have another set of great creative campaigns.


Tea brand Chakra Tea has installed Wi-Fi into kettles to let workers in India listen to music, chat to family and friends and enjoy videos.

Titled Chai-Fi, the kettle uses the energy from the burning stove to generate Wi-Fi.

During the long work hours, the tea breaks are a seriously welcome rest bite and Chakra Tea have made them even better.

We love this campaign because it’s an example of a brand doing something useful beyond their products. They know their tea is good, but they want to provide more than just that. It shows that they really value their customers and thought about what they would benefit from.

Bacardi IGTV

Recently Instagram have released a long-from video section to their platform that lets users create videos up to an hour. They were previously limited to 60 seconds. And Bacardi are one brand that’s made full use of this new feature.

The #DoWhatMovesYou campaign involves making a music video, but Bacardi are turning to their fans to direct it.

Fans could choose everything from location to choreography and lighting by voting on Bacardi’s integrative polls over a 9-hour period. The video featured dance duo Les Twins and music from DJ A-Trak.

We love this idea because they put out decisions to fans. They could have simply made the video and released it for fans to enjoy but letting them in on the process builds a relationship.

Win what you see

The American snack brand Cheetos are running a competition that lets fans ‘win what you see’.

The puffed snacks all have a unique shape and sometimes even resemble people and objects. There is already a museum that collects these curious shapes and with over 200,000 entries, Cheetos taking note.

Cheetos are letting people win prizes based on the shape of their cheesy snacks. So if they see a guitar they might win an electric guitar and concert tickets, or if they see a lobster claw they could win a ticket to Hawaii to snack on the shellfish.

There’ll be 8 winners who all get to experience their Cheeto imaginings come to life.

We love this idea because it plays off what fans are already sharing and enjoying about the brand. Cheetos have listened to their customers and are running a really fun and interactive campaign.

Facebook AR

The fashion brand Michael Kors are one of the first brands to use the new Facebook AR tool in newsfeed.

They’re running a regular ad for their sunglasses, but users can now ‘tap to try on’. This opens up the camera and places the glasses on users, so they can see what they look like, experimenting with different colours and styles without ever leaving the social platform.

Michael Kors Facebook AR                   (Image: Mobile Marketer)

And if they like what they see, consumers can then buy directly in app.

This is definitely the start of a new standard of advertising for brands and we expect to see many more making use of it in the months to come.

We think it’s a great idea for so many brands and Michael Kors have done it well keeping it simple and letting the tech speak for itself.

Graphic stories

The Economist have released a graphic novel and it’s available to read on Instagram.

The narrative nods to the way police proceedings influence crime storytelling and the art was transferred from print onto the digital platform.

The graphic novel format gave them the opportunity to build tension from the pictures and Instagram was the perfect place to share the story. With its multiple picture feature, it allows the story to unfold frame by frame as users swipe across.

We love this idea because it uses Instagram in a unique, but perfectly fitting way. It’s definitely not something we expected, but an interesting way to develop a story on social media. We think other brands should take note of this. Instagram is, after all, a visual platform and visuals aren’t just aesthetic pictures of sunsets.