Welcome back to the Breakthrough Briefing! We’ve got some wonderful campaigns from some wonderful brands to share this week.

Pillow Talk

Underwear brand Fruit of the Loom is encouraging back to school shopping by celebrating kids. Children are known to say some of the funniest things and to capture these memories Fruit of the Loom are embroidering some classic quotes on pillows.

These include such gems as ‘Daddy, you have mummy lips’ and ‘You have a moustache so I’m going to be early tonight’.

Fruit of the Loom kid quote pillows                (Image: Adweek)

And parents can get involved by commenting on Facebook with their own memorable quotes. Fruit of the Loom will then pick their favourites and eternalise them in cute pillows.

We love this idea because it plays to the great aspects of having children and will resonate with parents everywhere. We think we might need to get one for the office.

Newspaper towel

Hey Girls UK, the social enterprise, is bringing period poverty into the public eye with their latest ad. Readers today opened their papers to reveal a white page with a DIY sanitary towel cut-out.

On the other side, the ad highlighted that ‘1 in 10 girls in the UK can’t afford sanitary products. Every month they’re forced to use loo roll, socks or even newspaper’.

Hey Girls UK newspaper ad             (Image: The Drum)

But for every box of Hey Girls sanitary products purchased, they donate a pack to girls in need.

We love this idea because it really catches people off guard in a way they’ll listen. People are often desensitised to just stats so marrying it with the ad worked incredibly well. This definitely broke through the noise.

Giant cakes

For a limited time, this summer Mr Kipling has created a range of cakes inspired by Roald Dahl stories. And to celebrate the partnership they’ve created a life-sized BFG statue. And it’s made entirely out of Mr Kipling cakes!

Food artist Michelle Wibowo designed and created the giant and it sits at Primrose Hill for passers-by to enjoy.

BFG Mr Kipling statue            (Image: Lad Bible & Field Marketing)

We love this idea because it’s so magical. It captured the essence of Roald Dahl and Mr Kipling so well, so definitely a win for branding!

Pre-roll acts

Extra Gum have created The Support Acts programme which helps to support lesser known Australian musicians.

And to bring them into the light they’re using YouTube as the stage. The pre-roll before a music video now becomes a support act as 16 musicians feature in Extra Gums ads.

The longer users watch these ads without skipping, the more votes the musicians get and the winners have the chance to perform live.

We love this idea. It’s so simple and brings the concert format online to support these up and coming acts. We think Extra Gum are definitely onto a really cool concept here!

Waterfall pub

Carlsberg have created a pub powered entirely by a waterfall.

To bring some Danish spirit to the UK, Carlsberg have brought a group of young people to ‘Build the Danish way’. The six had no prior experience, but over a few days put together the beautiful wooden pub. The Danish way of life is about ‘simplicity, directness and open communication’ and this project highlighted that.

Carlsberg Waterfall pub              (Image: It’s Nice That)

It’s completely off grid in the Cornish countryside and now available to rent on Airbnb.

We love this idea. As a beer brand there’s a lot of limitations, but Carlsberg truly highlighted how to have a great experience with some Danish encouragement. And now we really want a trip to Cornwall!