Welcome back to our Breakthrough Briefing! Once again we’re looking at all our favourite creative campaigns from the previous week.

Flying boots

Hunter, the brand best known for their iconic wellingtons, have launched a hot air balloon in the design of their original boot.

The green welly first came to life in 1956 in Scotland and is now celebrating their 162-year heritage by showing off the boot all over the place.

Hunter hot air balloon campaign                (Image: Promo Marketing)

The boot balloon first took off from Scotland and drifted down to London in July. It’s heading off to Europe for a quick tour before returning to England for some key festivals and events and eventually traveling across the Atlantic.

Anyone that spots the floating boot can share a picture with #HunterOriginal for a chance to win a Hunter prize.

We love this idea. It’s not the most obvious campaign for a shoe company, but Hunter are playing off their iconic boot and showing that the legacy is more than just a shoe. People will definitely keep their eyes to the skies and look out for the giant welly!

Free food deliveries

Over National Farmers market week (5-9 August), Knorr are delivering meal kits to eager consumers for free.

People can opt into the order by tweeting #KnorrToMyDoor and a carrot emoji. Consumers will then receive a link to sign up for free delivery and can pick between two Knorr One Skillet recipes. The options are either Lemon Chicken with Barley or Rustic Italian White Beans with Farro.

Knorr One Skillet meals delivery              (Image: Marketing Dive)

Knorr are also hosting a stall at the New York Botanical Garden Farmers Market on the 8th of August.

We love this idea because it plays to the popularity of meal-kit brands at the moment whilst showing a cheaper alternative that still keeps cooking easy.

Empty Bus

Paddy Power took to Brighton Pride this week with a Paddy Power bus.

Unlike most of the lively and bright floats, this bus was empty. This was to represent that there are no openly LGBT Premier League footballers, despite 2% of the population identifying as such.

Head of brand activations, Paul Mallon said that campaign was to encourage these professional footballers to come out not only for themselves but to support the millions of LGBT sports fans worldwide.

Paddy’s Angels also took to pride to give out 5,000 pairs of rainbow Paddy Pants.

We love this campaign because it focuses on more than just the brand and shows support for the LGBT community at such an important time. We hope that any stigma in the sports world is gradually broken down by great movements such as this.

Mountain pop-up

The North Face have opened a pop-up. But to get to it consumers have to climb 2,100 meters high into the Italian Alps.

Located in the Dolomites in Val San Nicolo, it can only be reached on foot. The showroom features North Face products worn by athletes, including Alex Honnold, Conrad Aker, Simone Moro and Caroline Ciavaldine. The backpacks and jackets have all been resorted and each features a message from the owners.

The pop-up is open for 10 days, after which all the items will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Italian mountain climbing association Società deli Alpinisti Tridentini.

We love this idea because it brings the pop-up to consumers who will really be interested in it. We think these kind of experientials, that do something different are what really gets noticed. Definitely one to learn from!

Nap Shop

Casper, the mattress brand, is hoping to bring sleep to the forefront of wellness with the launch of their nap space.

Based in New York, The Dreamery adjoins Casper’s already existing store to ‘bring better sleep to more people and more places’.

Casper The Dreamery               (Image: de zeen)

There’s a light lounge area with seats and a dark tunnel with lights mimicking stars that leads to the sleeping pods. These wooden circles house a Casper double mattress and bedding. It even has changing and washing areas to get into the constellation-print pyjamas.

We love this idea so much. For a successful future retail needs to step up and create experiences rather than just spaces to browse. Casper has done this perfectly with The Dreamery. For £19, people can experience the mattress properly by sleeping on them. It also shows that they created this space because they care about sleep for everyone.

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