The digital team at Ready have developed a chatbot for beauty brand Soap & Glory.

Hosted on the brand’s website, the chatbot offers advice and support on a range of topics.

Visitors to the site can use the bot to find out where to buy the Soap & Glory range, what ingredients are used in its products, how to resolve product issues and much more.

We worked closely with the Soap & Glory team to develop the script behind the chatbot, including a tone of voice very much in keeping with the brand’s fun, playful personality.

And plenty of emojis, of course.

Over time, the technology behind it will ‘learn’ from its interactions with users to gain insights into different behaviours and responses. The aim is to improve the experience and make it increasingly intuitive.

Say hello to the Soap & Glory chatbot by visiting their website and clicking on the Can We Help button in the bottom right corner.