It’s been 6 months since we started our breakthrough briefing series and we’ve seen some great campaigns in that time! But even within those killer campaigns, some definitely stick with us for the longterm.

So, without further ado, here is out top 10 campaigns from the last 6 months!

Mainland Cheese

This campaign made it to our first post and is still a personal favourite. Mainland offered a discount code in the form of a 2,000 piece puzzle!

Maineland Breakthrough Briefing Campaign

So the puzzle, just like their cheese, showed that good things take time!

Addict Aide

This online mystery had people puzzled for quite a while. Pictures of an apartment were released for amateur sleuths to have a crack at. Although the predictions varied from kidnapping to vampires, the correct answer was that the apartment-owner suffered from an alcohol addiction.

Addict Aide Campaign Breakthrough Briefing

Based on a real story, the online game really had people interested and highlighted the effects of alcoholism.

Miss Labelled

Clothing sizes can be a point of pain for a lot of women with the inconsistent sizes and negative meanings behind what number you are. Luckily a creative duo came up with a much better solution!

Miss Labelled Breakthrough Briefing

Miss Labelled uses famous women to represent different sizes, replacing the numbers with tangible people to be proud of.


Their campaign ‘#TooLatergram’ really struck a chord with a lot of people (and with us!). They partnered with travel influencers to upload pictures of beautiful places.

Unfortunately, all these places were photoshopped and in fact were full of rubbish or destroyed. It highlighted how our planet is already destroyed, but we must fight to save what’s left of it.

Burger King

In Peru, cinemas allow people to bring in external food, as long as it’s something the cinema already sells. Burger King decided to bend the rules a little and found a loophole that worked with this rule.

They started selling popcorn that hid a Whopper inside. It meant people could sneak in burgers without being caught. It’s a really fun way to provide a useful service to their customers (and sneak in a sale).

Dominican Republic Tourism

Despite having hundreds of beautiful places, tourists only visit 3 major beaches in the Dominican Republic. So Mcann created colour swatches on the beaches with actual samples of sand!

The turquoise waters showcase that every beach is a good choice, it just depends what sand you want!


We’re all used to reCAPTCHA testing if we’re human, but what if it tested our humanity? That’s exactly what it did thanks to UN Women.

UN Women reCAPTCHA humanity test campaign

They used it to highlight the damaging child marriages that go on everyday across the world by asking people to pick which people were brides in the images.


As an outdoor adventure brand, Vollebak knew their customers were up for a challenge. So with their latest discount code they decided to make people work a little harder.

They craved the code in a wooden block and got record-breaking adventurers to hide it somewhere in the world and created a vast treasure hunt for it!


After Dominos hands over the pizza box, getting it home safe is up to consumers. But no more! Dominos are making sure their pizzas get home without any issues by fixing potholes on the roads around their stores!

Dominos are really putting the consumers’ needs at the heart of what they do. And it worked so well, it’s spreading across America and now coming to even more states!

Tic Tac

Although best known for their mints, Tic Tac are releasing a gum! And to let people know, they’ve created a game on Snapchat.

Tic Tac Snapchat game

But to reinforce the switch from mints to gum, players have to chew to control the game. Definitely one we wanted to try!

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