We popped along to another fantastic Marketing Network: Bristol, Cardiff & Bath talk last night. Bath events are usually held at the County Club, but increased demand for this one meant a venue change to the Hilton. Great news for us, as it’s two minutes down the road.

Convenience aside, we were really excited to see what had prompted such demand for tickets. Speaking was Natalie Horne, founder of behavioural insight consultancy Prime Decision, discussing how what they do has a positive impact on the customer experience.

It certainly didn’t disappoint, with Natalie’s passion for what she does clearly visible throughout. Starting by attempting to define exactly what ‘customer experience’ means to marketers (using the CIM’s standard definition of marketing as a jump-off point), she took us on a journey through the wide and diverse range of methodologies Prime Insight employ to solve business problems through changing customer (and often internal) behaviour.


Rather than work in a set way, there are no limits to the methods Natalie’s team use to solve a challenge. It could be applied psychology, for instance, or they might bring an academic on board who has written a paper around the subject. What’s clear is that they are both unconventional and utterly flexible in their approach. Natalie admitted this presents problems when trying to sell what they do into a potential client, as essentially what they ‘do’ depends entirely on what the problem is.

We got it though, and found it hugely interesting. It makes perfect sense. On the face of it, to change customer behaviour might, in marketing terms, be a case of simply changing the messaging or medium of communication. But of course there are often deeper, more complicated, even subconscious reasons why we’re primed to react or behave in a certain way. And it’s only by getting to the heart of this can we really understand the root of the issue – and how to address it.

Thanks to Deep Blue Sky for organising the talk. We’re already looking forward to the next one! A reminder that our very own Shane Carnell-Xu has been a previous Marketing Network speaker, talking at both the Bristol and Bath sessions about converting and retaining brand followers.