Natural and organic beauty is growing year on year, predicted to reach £16 billion by 2024.

We collected 5 trends to be aware of in the sector right now.

Bright and bold

The world of natural and organic beauty is about to be taken over by colour. No longer all about a subtle look with duty pinks and browns, brands will be shaking up the sector with eye shadows and lipsticks that make a statement.

Fruit pigments are being pushed to their limits to create show stopping looks with bright red lipsticks and dark purple glosses.

Celestial beauty

Things are getting out of this world as everything luna, space and crystal-themed are popping up. 2018 has been dubbed the year of crystals and brands are taking note.

Whether it’s crystal infusions or star signed-themed items, brands are wising up to this movement.


Say goodbye to 10-atep Korean skincare as consumers look for products that simplify their routines.

Multipurpose products will take over the shelves as one product does more. Skincare brands are releasing products that combine multiple benefits into one.

Gender neutral

Brands are shifting away from beauty that targets only women in favour of gender neutral products. As more men embrace cosmetics and skincare, it makes sense to create products that appeal to both demographics.

With simple packaging, brands focus on the benefits of products rather than specific targeting.


The world is becoming more environmentally conscious and beauty brands are no exception. Packaging concerns mean lots of brands are ditching plastic and switching to recyclable materials.

The zero waste movement is also growing in popularity, so some brands are ditching packaging altogether.