Healthy juices and smoothies have been growing in popularity alongside the healthy and wellness market for a while now. But as with anything, trends are constantly changing.

To keep up to date, we’ve collected all the important news to do with healthy drinks and shared them here.


Fermented drinks are growing in popularity for their nice acidic flavour and as an alternative to artificially carbonated drinks that usually dominate the market.

As people look for healthy alternatives, the more natural a product is, the happier people are. So fermented drinks are a good equivalent to sodas.

They’re also recognised for their benefits to digestive health, full of probiotics and healthy bacteria. People have become more aware of looking after their insides and fermentation provides a simple way to get the goods things for your gut.

Red Takes Over Green

Green once dominated the juice market, with spinach, cucumbers and kiwi popping up in everything.

Although they still reign supreme, red is taking over. Watermelon juice is the new popular superfood for drinks.

At 97% water it’s hugely refreshing, and it has a relatively low sugar content despite its deliciously sweet flavour.

People want to replace their usual treats for healthier alternatives, putting down the coke for flavoured waters.

Cold is Best

Most juices are heated during their process from fruit to chilled drink.

Although this gives them a longer shelf life, heating destroys some of the nutrients found in fruits.

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Cold pressing, on the other hand, provides a drink richer in nutrients and a quicker route to the 5 a day.

Because of this, certain brands are taking note and opting for a fully chilled process.

Powder Revolution

From matcha to turmeric, powders are being added to juices and smoothies to turn them from fruit juice to super fruit juice.

Whether they’re in quick-heal juice shots or tasty smoothies, these powders are added to give a healthy kick to drinks.

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Turmeric is hailed for being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, whilst active charcoal helps by removing toxins.

Those are just a few examples, but all different spices and powders are added to drinks to make them do more.

Healthy Digestion

The search for good digestive health is still strong and now juices and smoothies are taking note.

Probiotics are well-known, but recently prebiotics are taking over. They also help towards a healthy gut, but not so many people are aware of them.

To squeeze them into the lives of unaware consumers, brands are pairing them with well-known ingredients that are believed to make a happy gut like kiwi and beetroot.

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