People have always looked outside of the UK for culinary inspiration and with the internet and social media it’s easier than ever to find new flavours. We’ve collected the top trends of flavours and foods that are taking the UK by storm.

West African spices

Interest in food from West Africa is on the rise. With small street food vendors and bigger restaurants, consumers are learning about a new combination of flavours.

Plantain, okra, cassava and fermented fish are just some of the classic ingredients that are popping up all over. At the heart of West African cuisine is Jollof, a rice dish made with spices and tomato paste. Look out for the West African trend in dishes and spices combinations over the coming months.

Smoky Specialities

Harping back to traditional American cuisine, smoky flavours are gaining popularity. Reminiscent of outdoor cooking and barbecues, brands are revealing food that has the smoky flavour front and centre.

As the Paleo diet become popular, there’s been a clear movement of consumers opting for traditional cooking that goes beyond just a few decades. Because of this people are experimenting with open-fire cooking to create flavour, and the smoky spices and ingredients replicate this. Expect to see a lot more smoked and chargrilled dishes in the coming months as people take to the fire (or their stove).

Latin American flavours

The UK is quickly getting an appetite for Mexican and Latin American dishes. Meal kits and spice packs are popular choices at supermarket, but consumers are starting to branch out and see that Mexican food is more than tacos and fajitas.

The classic flavours and dishes of Latin America are coming to our tables at all three meals, with Mexican-inspired breakfasts particularly popular.

Floral features

Flowers have previously been a pretty garnish, but consumers are waking up to their flavour potential as well. Lavender and rose-infused food and drink are set to dominate in the coming months, especially with the heat of summer.

Edible flowers are also making a move on more dishes than just salads. See them integrated into classic meals to add a gentle, floral flavour. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, consumers will be enjoying this new trend.

Ancient Grains

Shifting diets married with the health and wellness movement, wholegrains have a made a comeback. And as the ask grows, more people are experimenting with different grains.

Spelt, amaranth, kamut and lupin are just some of the names turning up on menus and in supermarkets. Because of the paleo diet, more people have been introduced to these ingredients and they’ve grown popular with the wider consumer base.