the brief

Oak Tree Mobility specialises in rise and recliner chairs, adjustable beds and stairlifts. Top quality craftsmanship, a customer service second to none and competitive prices are hallmarks of the Oak Tree Mobility tradition. Despite common perceptions, typical purchasers of mobility furniture are actually 45+ home owners, with good income, and either they themselves or their parents suffer from mobility issues.

Realising the potential of social media in reaching a wider audience of prospect customers but lacking the know-how to take the full advantage of this opportunity, Oak Tree approached us and tasked us to accelerate the growth of their social media fan base, encourage engagement and advocacy, and drive traffic to their website in order to increase inbound sales leads.

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our approach

Our approach is 5-fold: Data analysis, Social Media Landscape Research, Workshop, Strategy and Campaign Implementation.

The research we carried out enabled the client to better understand their competitors’ performance on social media, conversations and voices on key topics, as well as the range of opportunities for future social media campaigns.

Based on the crucial findings from the research, and following a jam-packed two-day workshop, the vision for Oak Tree Mobility’s social media strategy was derived.

We worked with the client to define a clear set of objectives, which helped focus the team’s effort.

We outlined a series of tactical campaigns and a well thought-of content strategy, aimed to accelerate the growth of the client’s Facebook fan base, as well as establish a presence on Twitter that brings together a new relevant audience.

We also set up rules on community management, listening and engagement, roles and responsibilities and governance policy.

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Our strategy also encouraged the client to look ahead and set a long-term vision for their social media platforms to nurture an interactive online community who will not only see them as a mobility product/service provider, but also a source of genuine and helpful information and advice on healthy lifestyles and well-being, engaging with the audience through both competitions and informative, interesting, visually compelling and timely content, driving an affinity with the Oak Tree brand to encourage both new purchases and return businesses.

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the results

The strategy helped the Oak Tree team clarify their objectives and priorities, and enabled them to plan their social content output and campaigns systematically, timely and strategically. It not only helped the client gain significant growth in social media followers, but by following the campaign plan, they also achieved commercial success by hosting targeted competitions via their social channels with data capture, supported by a sophisticated retargeting strategy.

We’ve proved that social media CAN deliver on your bottom line!

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