As digital innovators, we help our clients win on social. Working with key stakeholders, we have designed, built and executed comprehensive social media strategies, to help them understand the social media landscape in their market place, define their social media objectives, identify areas of opportunities, and form actionable plans and approaches for effective social media campaigns.

Our objective is clear – to maximise the brand potential of the client’s current social media presence and encourage faster growth of an audience that is relevant, engaged and loyal.

the brief

When Immediate Media decided to take advantage of the power of social media for the launch of a new magazine – History Revealed, they came to us. We had just under two months to make sure the new title would be ‘social ready’ upon launch.


We carried out an extremely comprehensive landscape research and analysis, which contained crucial data and information about both the new title’s target audience and its competitors. The conversation analysis we carried out helped shape the editorial direction of the launch issue.

Armed with the findings from the research, we hosted a workshop with the whole team and wrote up the full strategy paper, including clear vision, objectives, content and channel strategies, targets and KPI’s, as well as actionable campaign plans.



We captured the imagination of history lovers by creating a campaign in which we ‘invited’ the Egyptian Boy King Tutankhamun to take over the new magazine’s Twitter account for a day, answering a broad range of questions from the followers.

We planned, set up and managed a series of paid media campaigns on both Facebook and Twitter with clear objectives to increase fan base and raise awareness.

the results

The social media activities created a buzz for the new magazine prior to launch, which helped the client reach their sales target for the launch issue.